Visual Merchandising


The Etrax Way of life

Our Journey in this line of business began in mid-2016. It was a very modest beginning of a few hundred sq ft of our first Big Bazaar Store in Thane.

Inventing & Innovating

We introduced YUPO, a world-class, eco-friendly, and recyclable media for a selected few applications. The world of Visual Merchandising (VM) since then has been a profound learning and growth for us. We kept ourselves very flexible to adapt our business to provide highly flexible curated services and in our first 18 months, we grew in volumes from zilch to over 50 lakh sq feet of high-quality brand collaterals display merchandising work.

Leading the way

We morphed ourselves from being a product specialist to an End to End VM aggregator. Our Business Model is our greatest Innovation. Our services are highly adapted to meet the requirements of the Retail Industry in India. The differences we have presented to our customers have been compelling to them in rationalized terms of Cost and record Speed of execution.

Footprints of Excellence

With a production infrastructure spanning Pan India, we have pioneered the HUB AND SPOKE DELIVERY MODEL for all our customers. This is Centralized Project Management with a very effective decentralized Production and Logistics Delivery.

Our over 50 VM associates across the country work relentlessly to meet customer needs and consistently deliver.

We, therefore, stand for SEAMLESS, SPEEDY AND SUSTAINABLE services.

In-Store Elements

Digital wall for window displays with content management software, Wall vinyls – self adhesive, In store pillar vinyls, Backlit vinyl LED signages, Fabric LED backlit signages, Front lit vinyl, Ceiling dropdowns on cloth, Sunboard signages, Acrylic shelf separators, Floor vinyls – reusable, waterproof, Letter cuts in wooden and acrylic finish, Shelf end caps, Bay breakers- lit and non lit, Digital information signages – LCD, Self standing Roll up standees, Table top standees, Transits for backlit signages

Outdoor Elements

Popsicles, LED backlit signages, Front lit name boards, Vinyl outdoor banners/posters, Vehicle mount signages, Hoardings, Canopies, WPC outdoor wall letterings/signage

Fabricated Elements

MS display trolleys, ABS POP dispensers, MS Shelf trays, Hips Shelf separators, Customized in store display indicators

Serving clients with Pan India Presence

Case Studies

Big Bazaar: Transformation to GenNxt Stores with innovative VM elements

The senior management of Future Group conceived the GenNxt genre of stores. The brief was to give a radically new, fresh and an invigorating shopping experience to its customers.

The ambiance was purposed to be bright, classy and distinctly done up to encourage the shoppers to spend more time within the store.


@home: Short Burst Pan India Promotional campaign: Speedy and Sustainable

@Home commissioned us for an in-store campaign of theirs. It was a discount program for their merchandise to be implemented in 13 cities spread across 18 stores.


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