Value Edge


Here is the reason why we matter

Being Seamless . Speedy . Sustainable we offer solutions in the following ways…


For most customers, we have delivered 20% reduction in project Costs/ Marketing spends. We create a compelling cost advantage for you.


We work Pan India on Instore Installation & support.
We can leverage this reach to provide you the best turnaround times.


We are in strategic alignment with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation – World leader in Innovative YUPO 100% Recyclable Media.
We have over 150 Innovative product solutions that create a differentiating look at your campaigns. Recyclability of the media reduces the environmental hazard posed by PVC & reduces costs further.

The Etrax Way of life

To create a top quality service one needs commitment; for us, it comes by default. We always provided value-added services which eventually enhances customer satisfaction.

This is the Etrax Way of life which promises & delivers nothing but excellence.

The Matter is to Matter the most

The Past 2 years of active operations in the Visual Merchandising business has been a lifetime of learning. The customers and the industry dynamics relentlessly made us learn, adapt and apply ourselves to create value.

We were quick to understand that we need to demonstrate certain key service differentiators. This demanded that we invest in capacity, we invest in committed vendor partners and we invest in technology to help manage the operations seamlessly.

Tranquility to customers

From evolving with the time to embodying Timely Delivery as the fulcrum of all our service efforts, Etrax raided the hard way and demonstrated this to all its customers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we live this spirit each day of our work lives. We bring about a complete sigh of relief in the hearts and minds of our customers when we are entrusted with a mission-critical project. We love that sensation of wholehearted trust that our customers repose in us.

Triumph of persistence

That feeling in our customers, “Thank Sweet God that you are there!” when they talk to us is what propels us to achieve more and surpass benchmarks in our work.

As time rolled by, we have curated our service proposition using a combination of strategic and tactical ploy to sustain our momentum and demonstrate cost/performance value to our customers.

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