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QV Code - The Etrax Technology Innovation Center

Technology is a sustainable service differentiator. Our association with Tier 1 Brands in India has consistently inspired us to deliver a world-class service engagement with customers where Technology enables Real Time Information and Transparency. In a dynamic market, brand managers demand data on events and consumer triggers in Real-time.

Our domain strength in Real Time Technologies is strong. Our technology team partners with Microsoft Azure in delivering enterprise-class cloud CRM solutions to brands which help them get Real Time Information on BTL campaigns on the fly. The Platform enables a seamless Data availability to the brand managers on a variety of metrics that eases operations and improves the efficiency of decision making.

Etrax m-CRM

We have brought in a paradigm shift in the management of the VM Projects for large brands. The customer portal updates Real Time Information on the time, date of the collateral/signage installation, the store details, the Image of the deployment and allows any authorized person to simple point & scans the encrypted QR Code on the signage for all the relevant details.

The tracking of the signage, its replacement, its redeployment to other stores through its life cycle gets enabled, therefore giving the VM/Brand Manager a rich dashboard of Data/MIS.

Benefits of the Etrax m-CRM

All field assets tagged and codified using Encrypted QR Codes
Site supervisor seamlessly updates Installation data by scanning the QR and uploading the image using the Etrax Mobile app
Multi-user login CRM Portal that provides customised dashboard to the concerned managers
Complete Track and Trace of the BTL assets using the M-CRM

Smart Signages

We dabble with the electronics for a living. Obsession with the word "smart" is high with the folks in this Innovation center.

A very resourceful sales team keeps throwing challenges to make smart Intelligent signages and we keep churning them out, some of them find its moment of glory with our customers while others get reused in terms of ideas.

Interactive Standees

This product enables the Brand team to interact with the customers for a few extra seconds by triggering an action like a touch or a voice loop that reinforces the brand message. We use an ultrasound sensor to detect a person in the radius to trigger the action.

Optionally, these signages can also be connected to a central system throwing detailed brand analytics like the time/date of the event, a number of times the trigger was detected, average play duration, store wise details etc.

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