Smart Documentation


India is on the cusp of a revolution in ushering in low carbon footprint practices in applications where the conventional tree-based paper is consumed. A unique dimension strengthening the product story is the proliferation of Digital Technologies being rolled out in validating and authenticating products & assets.

Etrax Mobility has strong domain expertise in harnessing the goodness of both these pivotal developments and creating a Generic Smart Documentation & Labeling Solutions for a vast number of end applications.

The Application Verticals - Smart Documentation and Labeling

Universities and Educational Institutes


State & Central Government Departments

Construction and Engineering

FMCG, Consumer Durables and Industrial Brands

Comparison with existing system provides a clear picture and underlines key features

Smart Labeling



Duplication in products is a measure concern for genuine brands which serve their customers loyally. To counter this malpractice a strong technology was needed with robust yet easy interface.

Solution Overview

Etrax has engineered innovative solutions for this segment using smart in mould labels. Smart Labeling is very useful in paper based packaging with mould labeling.

Agile Execution

Smart Labeling allows an end consumer to scan the product using an android mobile phone and get instant benefits on rebates, discounts and most importantly, know for sure that the product he/she is buying is 100% genuine.

How it works-

  • A customized data element is encoded into the QV Code with encryption.
  • The QV Code is printed onto tag with variable unique data per tag known as child QV Code.
  • Every secondary package is sealed with destructible YUPO tape printed with a parent QV Code underneath which has a co-relation between the parents child QV Code.
  • Custom mobile app provided to all stakeholders to scan the child or the parent SKU.
  • The app connects to the host server and instantly indicates the genuine product.

What can be stored in the QV Code?

  • Unique product ID assigned by the manufacturer
  • Product batch number, origin details
  • Product type, SKU details

Advantages of Smart Labeling-

  • Non destructible tag
  • Anti counterfeiting
  • Anti pilferage
  • Easily printable
  • Securely encrypted
  • End to end visibility to the product
  • Only single scan check on genuineness
  • Cuts down the cost

Security Features of Smart Documentation and Labeling

Invisible Print: The matter would become visible only under a certain range of ultraviolet rays.

Variable Serial Number: Serial numbering will be printed on the documents using Magnetic Ink which cannot be copied.

Micro lettering: Invisible printing of (universities / brand) will be done which can add up to the security level.

Computer-Based Security Border: Fine decorative border in the document through mathematical calculations which cannot be easily copied by others.

Blind Embossing: University’s logo will be embossed on an on-line basis through a special method while the certificate is printed.

Void Pantograph: Refers to a method of making tamper-resistant patterns in the background of a document.

Thermochromic ink: Security ink which will either disappear or change colors when the ink is rubbed, usually by the fingertips.

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